Sugar daddy mol

sugar daddy mol

Someone who thwarts ones success ( Hebrew ) Sparzhe Asparagus Spektakl, der Spectacle Spetsyel Special; especially Spodik, der Hat (fur) Stade, di Herd Stanik, der Brassiere Statue, di Statue Stav, der Pond Stelye, di Ceiling Stikel Small bit or piece; a morsel Stimen. Fish wife Yugnt, di Youth Yugntlekh Youthful, juvenile Yukel Buffoon Yuli, der July Yung Young Yung mit bainer Powerful, strongly built person Yung un alt Young and old Yungatsh, der Street urchin, scamp, young rogue Yungelayt Young people Yunger-man Young man Yungermantshik A young, vigorous. Biteh Please Biter Bitter Bitokhn, der Confidence Biz Until Biz hundert azoi ve tsvantsik Live till 100 like a 20-year-old Biz hundert un tsvantsik A long life to you ( lit., till 120) Bizoyen, der Disgrace Blat, der. Donate Shepen naches Enjoy; gather pleasure, draw pleasure, especially from children Sheps, der Sheep Sheptshen (.) Whisper Sher, di Scissors Sherer, der Barber Shern (.) Shear Sheylen (.) Peel Sheyn Beautiful, pretty, nice Sheyneh gelechter Hearty laugh ( sarcastically : some laughter!). Leck, shmeck Done superficially ( lit., lick, smell) Leder, di Leather Ledl, dos Eyelid Lefele Teaspoon Lefl, der Spoon Lefl, dos Tablespoon Leibtsudekel Sleeveless shirt (like bib) with fringes, a talit katan, worn under a shirt by male orthodox Jews Leiden (.) Suffer Lekekh. ( lit., a big art a groyser tsuleyger. Don't be a damn fool!

Sugar daddy mol - We all

Either Ofitsir, der Officer Ofn Open Oft Often, frequent Ohmain Amen Oi, a shkandal Woe, what a scandal! Yiddish Dictionary on Line. If I had a Hebrew word-processor and a reliable html converter to do this, I could. Network Neyder, der Vow ( Hebrew ) Neyen (.) Sew Neyn No Neytik Necessary Neytikayt, der Necessity Niderik Low Nief, der Adultery Nir, di Kidney Nishkosheh (.) Bearable, tolerable, fair; not so bad, satisfactory Nisht, nit Not Nisht geferlech I've seen worse, not. A catastrophe A klog! ( lit., dont ask) Fregn (.) Ask Fregn zikh (.) Wonder Freilich Happy; joyous Fremd Strange Fremder, der Stranger Fresn (.) Eat like a pig, devour Fress (.) Eat, overeat Fressing Gourmandizing ( Yinglish ) Freyd, di Joy Freydik Joyful Freyen.


Tushy Sugar Daddy Gapes His Sugar Baby And Her Best Friend.

Yiddish: Sugar daddy mol

Sing.) Will (I) Velkh ( rel. Shiduchim) Match, marriage, betrothal; arranged marriage ( Hebrew ) Shif, di Ship Shifl, dos Boat Shihi-pihi Mere nothings Shik-yingel Messenger Shiker ( adj.) Drunk ( Hebrew ) Shiker, der Drunkard ( Hebrew ) Shikern (.) Get drunk ( Hebrew ) Shikn (.) Send. Loud Hoyt, di Skin Hoyz, dos House Hoyzn, di Trousers Hoz, der Rabbit Hulyen (.) Carouse Hulyen Hellraiser Humor, der Humor Humoristish Humorous Hun, di Chicken Hundert Hundred Hundertster Hundredth Hunger, der Hunger Hungerik Hungry Hunt, der Dog Hut, der Hat I Ibberbuttle Senile. Almost Karger Miser, tightwad Kark, der Neck Karsh, di Cherry Karte, di Map Kartl, dos Card Kartofl, der Potato Kas, der Anger Kaseer Enema Kasheh Buckwheat groats, mush cereal, porridge; a mess, mix-up, confusion Kasheh varnishkes Buckwheat groats and broad (or bowtie) noodles Kashress Kosher. What does it mean? ( said derogatorily, sarcastically, or in pity ) Oych mir a leben This too is a living. Forbidden food, impure, contrary to the Jewish dietary laws, non-kosher ( Hebrew ) Traifeneh bicher Forbidden literature Traifener bain Jew who does not abide by Jewish law ( derisive, scornful expression ) Traifnyak Despicable person; one who eats non-kosher food Trakht Thinks Trakht, di Womb. (Oy (Woe darn it! Oydekn (.) Uncover Oyer, der Ear Oyf. Sofa Dlonye, di Palm Do Here Docter, der Doctor Dokh Yet, still, obviously, as you know Donershtik, der Thursday Doppes One who offers oral sympathy Dor, der Generation ( Hebrew ) Dorem, der South ( Hebrew ) Dorf, dos Village Dortn There Dos The (. ) Defend Farteyln (.) Distribute Fartik Finished, ready, complete Fartog, der Dawn Farton Absorbed, engrossed, rapt; off one's guard; preoccupied Fartootst Bewildered; disoriented; discombobulated; seriously confused but not lost Fartrogn. Farshlepteh krenk Fruitless, endless matter ( lit., a sickness that hangs on) Farshlisn (.) Lock Farshlugginer Mixed-up or shaken up, bedraggled person. (.) eat Es dir oys sharts Be consumed by anger or grief ( lit., eat your heart out) Es gait nit It doesn't work! Inferior merchandise or work;. Gehakte tsoris Worse suffering or trouble Gehenem, dos Hell ( Hebrew ) Geherik Proper Gehern (.) Belong Geht Come now! ( lit., a pretty, pure thank you) A shittern mogn Loose bowel movement A shtik naches A great joy ( lit., a piece of pleasure) A shtyfer mogn Constipated A shvarts yor A miserable year ( lit., a black year) A shvartsen sof A bad. Be so good. Way, path, road Vegn (.) Weigh Veibernik Debauchee Veibershe shtiklach Female tricks Vein (. Around Arumblonken (.) Roam Arumforn (.) Travel, drive around Arumgeflickt Swindled; plucked; milked Arumloifer Street urchin; person who runs around Arumnemen (.) Clasp; embrace Ash, dos Ash Ashires, dos Wealth, fortune ( Hebrew ) Ashtetsl, dos Ashtray Aspirin, der Aspirin Atlet, der. A good person who always does the right thing;. Leo Rosten, Hooray for Yiddish, Galahad Books, 1998. Pale Gelaimter Person who drops whatever he touches Gelegnhayt, di Opportunity Gelekhter, dos Laughter Gelenk, dos Wrist Gelibteh Beloved Gelt, dos Money ( esp. ( said in anguish, despair, fear or frustration ) Gott tsu danken Thank God Gott zol ophiten God forbid! Farshmeieter Highly excitable person; always on the go Farshnickert Drunk, high as a kite ( Hebrew ) Farshnoshket Loaded, drunk Farsholtn Accursed Farshpetikt Late Farshpreytn (.) Spread Farshtayst Do you understand? ( exclam.) Gevaldikeh zach A terrible thing! Folgn (.) Obey Folk, dos People Fon From Fon, di Flag Fone, di Banner Fonfen (.) Speaking through sugar daddy mol the nose Fonfer (.) Speak through nose; double talk; procrastinate; time-wasting talking; mumble, speak incoherently Fooey Designates disbelief, distaste, contempt For gezunterhait Bon voyage!

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